the weekend lens : part 3 : race for healing

Kate, Sawyer, and I participated in the Race for Healing this weekend. It was Kate’s first race so I signed us up for the 1 mile fun run. It was a beautiful morning and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Kate was most excited about the water bottle she got in her packet!


I held her ears at the beginning of the race so the sound of the gun wouldn’t scare her. I really thought we’d run for part of the race but we walked the entire time. We chatted and I pointed out flowers, cats and dogs. It felt like a very long mile but she was a trooper. She got tired but sips from the water bottle pepped her up.


We finished our 1 mile fun walk in 20 minutes. I’m proud of this little girl and hope that we can do more fun runs in the future!


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the weekend lens : part 2 : dinner at devon tower


Friday night my parents took Stephen and I out to dinner at one of the hottest spots in town. Vast in OKC at the top of the Devon tower. Our reservation was for 7pm. We were seated by the window with an amazing view! The best part is watching the landscape change from day to night!



The food was incredible and the service superb. Our server was Alice and she was so pleasant. I recommend asking for her if it’s possible!

Let me tell you about the food. It was so delicious I’m still thinking about it. The bread basket alone was worth it! I must learn to make Brioche! I enjoyed the Ancho chili coffee rubbed strip steak with Grand Marnier butter,cider glazed cippolini onions, asparagus, and Maytag bleu cheese sweet potatoes. Oh My Goodness. The. Sweet. Potatoes. Stephen and I shared a chocolate mousse cake for dessert. It was the special so I can’t find the official description but it was yummy and I almost wished I’d had my own. Sometimes it’s hard to share something so delish!


The elevator ride was a real trip. It was incredibly fast as it zoomed to the 49th floor. So much so that my ears were popping. We had a delightful evening with my parents.


I am incredibly grateful to be able to spend the evening with the people I love.

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the weekend lens : part 1 : dying eggs

This weekend we celebrated Easter. We followed tradition and dyed some eggs (although I think we skipped this part last year).


Kate in deep thought.


Colin was anxious to get started.


There was some bickering but mostly fun.


Colin photo bombing my shot. He’s such a little ham!


Dying eggs is hard work and deserves a sweet tart chick or two.


Sawyer happily hung out in the swing while we got to work!

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over the weekend

We’ve been busy this weekend! We started Friday with family movie night. Originally I was supposed to take Colin out on a date for dinner and some bingo at his school. However, Stephen got stuck in major traffic so we went with plan B: dinner and a movie. We all enjoyed some Qdoba and then I pulled out an “old school” VHS and introduced the kids to Oliver and Company.

Saturday, I worked on cleaning the house because we were planning on showing the house on Sunday. We took a time out and Stephen and I went on a date. We enjoyed pizza at Upper Crust and dropped by Whole Foods afterward for some fruit and flowers! We drove around and scoped out potential future homes.

After our lunch date, we came home and I got the kids ready for a Dr. Seuss birthday party. We went to celebrate a sweet little boy’s 1st birthday. It was Sawyer’s first party invitation. His party favor was a Dr. Seuss board book. I thought this was such a great idea!

photo (2)

When the kids and I arrived back home, Stephen had been busy putting together bunk beds! The big kids were over the moon excited! Sleepovers every night!

photo (3)

Saturday was the first night Sawyer slept in his crib for bedtime. The boy slept all. night. long. All I gotta say is Praise the Lord and keep it up!

Sunday I continued to prep the house for our unofficial showing. I fancied up the place with some flowers. I wish I could enjoy fresh flowers every week!

photo (6)

And I made sure it smelled extra good with some candles and Scentsy!

photo (4)

I think the showing was successful. We will just have to wait and see. In the meantime I have a really clean house and some very messy drawers and closets! LOL

What did you do over the weekend? Was is busy or relaxing?

I’m ready for some relaxation!

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happy half birthday | 6 months


My sweet Boo,

You are now 6 months old! Happy half birthday Boo boo! We celebrated the day with a trip to the park.


{picture by Kate, 4 years old}

Mommy put you in the swing with your blankie for extra padding and pulled you back and forth. You loved it. You really enjoy swinging but you need to get a little bigger to get the full effect.


Then we went on a walk. Sis sis mostly ran. I’m sure one day you’ll be chasing her.


However, you fell fast asleep. It was such a beautiful day. Perfect for napping outside.


While you snoozed in the stroller, Kate swung for quite some time.


We headed home after a while because mommy needed to feed you your first taste of peas. The traditional “1st veggie”. More on that later.

Sawyer I thought I’d mark this milestone, this halfway point, with six things I want you to know right now.

1. I want you to know that my favorite part of the day with you is when you wake up in the morning. You are so warm and snuggly. Ready to eat and cuddle and smile. I just breath you in and rock back and forth and really try to burn these moments in my memory bank. I don’t want to forget the way you feel when I hold you. Your soft searching hands, your sparkly hazel eyes. I like to sing you our “good morning” song. It always makes you smile and sometimes squeal. Best. Part. Of. My. Morning.


2. You seem to love bath time and splashing in water in general. There was a brief period when you didn’t enjoy your baths but you are back to loving them. Lots of giggling and splashing.


3. You adore your brother and sister and they adore you. They fight over who gets to sit near you when we go out to dinner!



4. Your Daddy is a wonderful man and quite smitten with you!


5. You are currently still nursing but also being supplemented with formula. Making the decision and transition toward introducing formula was a difficult but necessary step for mommy. You definitely needed more calories than you were getting solely from me. I took you in for a weight check on March 1st. You weight 15 lbs 15 oz! Go Sawyer! You gained some weight and the doctor was happy with your progress. For the record, you have plenty of yummy baby chub to nibble on.


6. You love story time. When mommy reads to you, you like to “read” along. Sometimes you get so vocal you can’t even hear the story. I look forward to story time at the end of the day but sometimes you don’t quite stay awake long enough. I get busy helping your brother and sister get ready for bed that I miss the opportunity and you’ve fallen asleep!


Sawyer you have been such a blessing to us since you’ve arrived 6 months ago. Truly a gift from God. You bring out the softer side in all of us.


I love you, sugar boo,



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It Nerf or Nothin’

We threw Colin a Nerf gun party for his 8th birthday. Stephen came up with the idea and I have to say it was genius! All the boys loved it and it was non-stop nerf fun!


We secured the pool house in our neighborhood for the party and set up shooting stations inside (it was a windy & chilly day) with one outside (not pictured).




We supplied each boy with an N-Strike Maverick Rev-6 Nerf gun and protective eye gear. Even Plaid, the 2nd grade class pet, joined the action Smile


The boys took turns at each station earning points. The top three earners went home with a prize. We also did a round with three teams and the top team won extra bullets!

Colin requested a cookie cake and Chex mix and orange Fanta. Simple enough!




Plaid says, “That was the best party ever!”


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another year older

Sunday I celebrated my birthday.

I enjoyed a latte.

Went on my first run of my new year.

Had lunch with my family.

Enjoyed a much needed nap.

Ate dinner & cuppies with my parents, niece & uncle.

Made a wish.


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eight years old

My sweet Colin turned eight just over a week ago. We had to put all the festivities on hold since Sawyer was sick. So we celebrated at home with some mexican take-out and a chocolate cake.






We got him a new lego set. I’ve had it since before Christmas! I think he was really surprised.


His Nana gave him his jean quilt that she made. It’s been a long time coming Winking smile


A kite from Auntie Amy


We did take him over to Meme & Grandad’s house so he could open his gifts there. They gave him some new “super fast” running shoes & a Ninjago movie.



I’m looking forward to continue celebrating my firstborn with a super fun Nerf gun party soon! There is still much fun to be had!


I don’t think I can adequately express how proud I am of you. You are a bringer of love and fun and curiosity! You are smart and funny and all the kids in your class can testify to this because they like to tell me when I come up to visit you at school. I love that you love to play hide-n-seek with me and it warms my heart when I see you and your sister playing so well together. You both like to play spies! I look forward to watching you continue to grow and mature into the young man you are becoming. You have a tender heart, my young warrior boy. I hope that as you grow older you can turn that tenderness into compassion to do a whole lot of good. You love the Lord and told me you’d like to read the whole Bible this year. I’d love to help you reach that goal! I love you son! xoxo- Mom

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4 month check-up

Today I took Sawyer for his 4 month check-up. It bugs me a little that it was so late in the month. He’s nearly 5 months old but there was nothing I could do. We got there a little early and waited for a few minutes in the waiting room. Sawyer has really taken to his Sophie Giraffe and as he sat there and chewed on his toy, it squeaked and squeaked and squeaked.


I nearly laughed out loud, it was so funny! We finally were called back for the check-up.

He weighed in at 14 lbs 10 oz  | 15%ile

And he measured 27 in.  | 85-90%ile

photo (1)

His weight concerns the doctor because it dropped significantly on the growth chart. He was sitting at around the 50th percentile two months ago and now he’s dropped to 15%. The “s” word was mentioned….supplement. I feel that I’ve been producing enough and my sweet boy is thriving, has plenty of wet/dirty diapers, and doesn’t act hungry after nursing. However I don’t know how much he’s taking in each day so that will be my first step is to determine how much I’m producing. I may have to start topping him off with formula after I nurse him. I really did not want to start this yet because I want to be the one to provide him with the “food” he needs. One thing is for certain, I’m going to start making an effort to increase my milk production by eating more oatmeal, drinking an occasional beer (worked for a friend), and drinking some Mother’s Milk tea. Oh and trying not to stress out about it. I can’t help but think that maybe the flu played a small part. I’ll be going back in a month and we will see if there’s been any improvement.

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4 months + January highlights


taken January 4, 2013

Sawyer baby,

You are 4 months old now and a complete joy. You reached your first major milestone, rolling over, when you turned 4 months & 4 days old. I had put you down on your back in the living room on your blanket. I needed you to hang out while I was in sister’s room helping her get ready for “school”. When I came back in I found you had rolled yourself over onto your tummy. You were fussing quite loudly!




I can’t believe I missed your first time to roll over! I nearly cried but I decided to rejoice instead. You’ve only done it one other time over the course of this month.

You met some of your cousins for the first time this month. They came to celebrate Christmas (a little late) with our family.

you + Mike


you + Carrie


Jackson loved holding you too!


And Great Uncle John told you some tall tales. You loved every minute of it!


You’ve been getting a little more clingy lately so mama has been breaking out the baby bjorn carrier and the hotsling!

Hanging out while mama puts on her makeup.


Chillin’ during playdoh playtime with sis sis.


We went on a little day trip this month with Meme & Kate to buy some shoes and eat lunch with cousin Carrie. You travel so well!


I still swaddle you at night and for some naps, but you are starting to try and break free.


This month you also got sick for the first time. You woke up on Saturday January 19th with a fever.  At 12 ‘o’clock on the dot, just as the sirens started their Saturday test, you threw up all over me. It was so bad. You were pretty lethargic & sleepy all day. You didn’t want to be put down. At. All. We held you all day but as your fever started to rise, I decided to take you to a pediatric clinic.


After waiting for 2 hours we found out you had the flu. I couldn’t believe it. I started to cry because I didn’t want my baby sick. I couldn’t believe it was the flu of all things but was so thankful it wasn’t RSV.


I sent an SOS out to all my prayer warriors to pray for you, sweet boy. The next day, Colin’s birthday, you fever broke and you started smiling again. Thank you Jesus!


Two days later I felt you were getting back to your old self.


A few other highlights this month include enjoying the beautiful weather outside while sis sis swings in the backyard.


Showing your Thunder love & sporting your new Rumble shirt we gave you at Christmas.


Enjoying story time with big brother!


Sweet baby boy, mama loves you to the moon and back!

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