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I felt the need to address the issue of modesty especially in our daughters, and MOST ESPECIALLY in our very young daughters. I recently purchased my daughter some undies from Target. They had ballerinas on them and were pink so … Continue reading

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Kate’s Library!

I would like you to meet Kate’s bookstravaganza!!!! Here is her one and only book shelf in the house. It’s a sad, sorry site. Here are most of the books from her bedroom that are currently in the hallway because … Continue reading

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this week

this week has been a rough one. this week I started off with a sore throat. this week I ran/walked 3 miles with a dear friend despite the sore throat. I got sicker. this week I got my consignment sale … Continue reading

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Picasa vs. Photoshop

I currently have a 30-day free trial of adobe Photoshop elements 9. I’ve been wanting Photoshop for a long time since getting rid of my Mac computer years ago. I minored in Art in college with an emphasis on graphic … Continue reading

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j’adore chapeaux!

I love hats! My love for hats began at a young age and I haven’t really outgrown it. I’ve been told I’m a hat person so I’ll take the proverbial money and run with it. Here are a few of … Continue reading

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a few of my favorite things

my new kindle (source) my first kindle purchase   my new boots Star Wars Cookies (i have a love/hate relationship with these cookies) Sunsets watching the American Robin just outside my window tweeting and flitting about   (source) my new … Continue reading

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protesting perfect

Every now and then I have to deal with that ugly word called perfectionism. Don’t we all.  It comes out in many forms but mostly in the form of guilt, discontent or not being “enough”. Enough? What does that mean … Continue reading

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Lately I’ve been dealing with motivation or a lack thereof. I’ve been reading all kinds of healthy living/eating blogs and I wonder what is it that clicked to make them completely overhaul their eating habits in order to make healthier … Continue reading

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wish list : running

1. New Shoes   2. A running skirt + long sleeve wicking shirt   3. More Sweaty Bands   4. Pants (moisture-wicking) 5. Run Like A Mother by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea   6. Tunes   7. Water … Continue reading

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