the weekend lens : part 3 : race for healing

Kate, Sawyer, and I participated in the Race for Healing this weekend. It was Kate’s first race so I signed us up for the 1 mile fun run. It was a beautiful morning and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Kate was most excited about the water bottle she got in her packet!


I held her ears at the beginning of the race so the sound of the gun wouldn’t scare her. I really thought we’d run for part of the race but we walked the entire time. We chatted and I pointed out flowers, cats and dogs. It felt like a very long mile but she was a trooper. She got tired but sips from the water bottle pepped her up.


We finished our 1 mile fun walk in 20 minutes. I’m proud of this little girl and hope that we can do more fun runs in the future!


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