over the weekend

We’ve been busy this weekend! We started Friday with family movie night. Originally I was supposed to take Colin out on a date for dinner and some bingo at his school. However, Stephen got stuck in major traffic so we went with plan B: dinner and a movie. We all enjoyed some Qdoba and then I pulled out an “old school” VHS and introduced the kids to Oliver and Company.

Saturday, I worked on cleaning the house because we were planning on showing the house on Sunday. We took a time out and Stephen and I went on a date. We enjoyed pizza at Upper Crust and dropped by Whole Foods afterward for some fruit and flowers! We drove around and scoped out potential future homes.

After our lunch date, we came home and I got the kids ready for a Dr. Seuss birthday party. We went to celebrate a sweet little boy’s 1st birthday. It was Sawyer’s first party invitation. His party favor was a Dr. Seuss board book. I thought this was such a great idea!

photo (2)

When the kids and I arrived back home, Stephen had been busy putting together bunk beds! The big kids were over the moon excited! Sleepovers every night!

photo (3)

Saturday was the first night Sawyer slept in his crib for bedtime. The boy slept all. night. long. All I gotta say is Praise the Lord and keep it up!

Sunday I continued to prep the house for our unofficial showing. I fancied up the place with some flowers. I wish I could enjoy fresh flowers every week!

photo (6)

And I made sure it smelled extra good with some candles and Scentsy!

photo (4)

I think the showing was successful. We will just have to wait and see. In the meantime I have a really clean house and some very messy drawers and closets! LOL

What did you do over the weekend? Was is busy or relaxing?

I’m ready for some relaxation!

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