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I read this blog post tonight and it really struck a cord.

Collect Moments Not Things

This is such a good reminder especially in the materialistic world we live in today. I went to a garage sale this weekend. Actually it was more of an estate sale. My friend’s uncle was selling nearly everything he had. He’s fighting cancer and I’m sure that the bills are stacking up and he needed the money to pay for treatment. It was a little heartbreaking and a hard truth to swallow. The best things in life aren’t things. They are people and the moments you share with them.

In this technology driven world I am constantly seeking to live a more purposeful enriched life with those around me. I’m trying to make an effort to connect with friends & family face to face.  So we can laugh, cry, and hug it out.

Last month we made a trip to Tulsa to attend my cousin’s wedding. We made a weekend out of it and turned it into a mini vacay with the kids. And it was So. Much. Fun. Just what this “quality time” girl needed.














This little weekend away filled my cup. It was like a breath of fresh air for my soul.

What moments have you been collecting?

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