Sawyer celebrating the New Year.


I took my loves on a lunch date before school started back to our fave lunching spot, McAllister’s.


Even Sawyer enjoys McAllister’s! I ate here nearly twice a week during my pregnancy. I craved the Spud Ole and the Grilled Chicken Breast sammie!


Sportin’ his hoody I bought him for Christmas. It never got wrapped because I hid it a little too good in the closet Smile


His cute penguin socks.


I bought an air popper and FINALLY used it. Never going back to microwave popcorn again!


Had coffee with this lovely kindred spirit. Met her at a park over 2 years ago and discovered we lived in the same neighborhood. It really is a small world!


She moved away but now I have a pen pal!


Smiling before bed time. This boy’s middle name should be “smiley”. 

Dear Sawyer: Don’t ever stop smiling sweet boy! Love, Mama


Taking down the calendar Colin made me from 1st grade. It has hung on my frig for an entire year. I treasure all the little things my kids make me.


What is going on your world lately?

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