It Nerf or Nothin’

We threw Colin a Nerf gun party for his 8th birthday. Stephen came up with the idea and I have to say it was genius! All the boys loved it and it was non-stop nerf fun!


We secured the pool house in our neighborhood for the party and set up shooting stations inside (it was a windy & chilly day) with one outside (not pictured).




We supplied each boy with an N-Strike Maverick Rev-6 Nerf gun and protective eye gear. Even Plaid, the 2nd grade class pet, joined the action Smile


The boys took turns at each station earning points. The top three earners went home with a prize. We also did a round with three teams and the top team won extra bullets!

Colin requested a cookie cake and Chex mix and orange Fanta. Simple enough!




Plaid says, “That was the best party ever!”


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