happy half birthday | 6 months


My sweet Boo,

You are now 6 months old! Happy half birthday Boo boo! We celebrated the day with a trip to the park.


{picture by Kate, 4 years old}

Mommy put you in the swing with your blankie for extra padding and pulled you back and forth. You loved it. You really enjoy swinging but you need to get a little bigger to get the full effect.


Then we went on a walk. Sis sis mostly ran. I’m sure one day you’ll be chasing her.


However, you fell fast asleep. It was such a beautiful day. Perfect for napping outside.


While you snoozed in the stroller, Kate swung for quite some time.


We headed home after a while because mommy needed to feed you your first taste of peas. The traditional “1st veggie”. More on that later.

Sawyer I thought I’d mark this milestone, this halfway point, with six things I want you to know right now.

1. I want you to know that my favorite part of the day with you is when you wake up in the morning. You are so warm and snuggly. Ready to eat and cuddle and smile. I just breath you in and rock back and forth and really try to burn these moments in my memory bank. I don’t want to forget the way you feel when I hold you. Your soft searching hands, your sparkly hazel eyes. I like to sing you our “good morning” song. It always makes you smile and sometimes squeal. Best. Part. Of. My. Morning.


2. You seem to love bath time and splashing in water in general. There was a brief period when you didn’t enjoy your baths but you are back to loving them. Lots of giggling and splashing.


3. You adore your brother and sister and they adore you. They fight over who gets to sit near you when we go out to dinner!



4. Your Daddy is a wonderful man and quite smitten with you!


5. You are currently still nursing but also being supplemented with formula. Making the decision and transition toward introducing formula was a difficult but necessary step for mommy. You definitely needed more calories than you were getting solely from me. I took you in for a weight check on March 1st. You weight 15 lbs 15 oz! Go Sawyer! You gained some weight and the doctor was happy with your progress. For the record, you have plenty of yummy baby chub to nibble on.


6. You love story time. When mommy reads to you, you like to “read” along. Sometimes you get so vocal you can’t even hear the story. I look forward to story time at the end of the day but sometimes you don’t quite stay awake long enough. I get busy helping your brother and sister get ready for bed that I miss the opportunity and you’ve fallen asleep!


Sawyer you have been such a blessing to us since you’ve arrived 6 months ago. Truly a gift from God. You bring out the softer side in all of us.


I love you, sugar boo,



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  1. Tamara says:

    Hi! What a cute family!!!!!!

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