This girl is 5!!!


We celebrated at Build-a-Bear making Twilight Sparkle, a my little pony. Her favorite. Kate requested cinnamon rolls for her birthday breakfast.




We threw her a my little pony party with a couple friends + family because sometimes smaller is better. The girls crafted bookmarks and we painted nails and applied cutie marks (nail stickers). It was so much fun! They also played pin the cutie mark on the pony.




Dearest Kate,

You are sweet and spunky. Our little garden fairy girl. You love nature and gardens and birds. This summer you had an imaginary friend but it was a bird and you named her sweet tweet. We saw sweet tweet everywhere we went. Man she could get around fast! You would build her a nest in the grass between our house and Mike’s house. That’s the one thing you miss about our old house is sweet tweet’s nest (and maybe your bedroom). You love to color and are getting to be a fantastic little artist. Most of your pictures are filled with rainbow colors just like your little personality. You are my sunshine. My little rainbow bright! Daddy’s peach. You adore your brothers. One minute you are loving on Colin and the next you are hurting him or annoying him. I don’t have too much sympathy for Colin because that’s what little sisters are supposed to do, I should know Smile

Sweet girl you are becoming quite a big help around the house but you still drag your feet when it comes to cleaning your room. You love to help prepare meals so I see lots of baking and cooking together in our future and I can’t wait!

I love our time together. You’re my best girl. I love you to Heaven and back!



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