4 months + January highlights


taken January 4, 2013

Sawyer baby,

You are 4 months old now and a complete joy. You reached your first major milestone, rolling over, when you turned 4 months & 4 days old. I had put you down on your back in the living room on your blanket. I needed you to hang out while I was in sister’s room helping her get ready for “school”. When I came back in I found you had rolled yourself over onto your tummy. You were fussing quite loudly!




I can’t believe I missed your first time to roll over! I nearly cried but I decided to rejoice instead. You’ve only done it one other time over the course of this month.

You met some of your cousins for the first time this month. They came to celebrate Christmas (a little late) with our family.

you + Mike


you + Carrie


Jackson loved holding you too!


And Great Uncle John told you some tall tales. You loved every minute of it!


You’ve been getting a little more clingy lately so mama has been breaking out the baby bjorn carrier and the hotsling!

Hanging out while mama puts on her makeup.


Chillin’ during playdoh playtime with sis sis.


We went on a little day trip this month with Meme & Kate to buy some shoes and eat lunch with cousin Carrie. You travel so well!


I still swaddle you at night and for some naps, but you are starting to try and break free.


This month you also got sick for the first time. You woke up on Saturday January 19th with a fever.  At 12 ‘o’clock on the dot, just as the sirens started their Saturday test, you threw up all over me. It was so bad. You were pretty lethargic & sleepy all day. You didn’t want to be put down. At. All. We held you all day but as your fever started to rise, I decided to take you to a pediatric clinic.


After waiting for 2 hours we found out you had the flu. I couldn’t believe it. I started to cry because I didn’t want my baby sick. I couldn’t believe it was the flu of all things but was so thankful it wasn’t RSV.


I sent an SOS out to all my prayer warriors to pray for you, sweet boy. The next day, Colin’s birthday, you fever broke and you started smiling again. Thank you Jesus!


Two days later I felt you were getting back to your old self.


A few other highlights this month include enjoying the beautiful weather outside while sis sis swings in the backyard.


Showing your Thunder love & sporting your new Rumble shirt we gave you at Christmas.


Enjoying story time with big brother!


Sweet baby boy, mama loves you to the moon and back!

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2 Responses to 4 months + January highlights

  1. Melodie says:

    He is just adorable!!! So sorry you had a sick boy. Pax got the flu at 2months, the week we were moving to Texas. I cried to the doctor when she told me. What made it worse was that I had given it to him. :( Then Holden got it too. One of the worst weeks of my life to date.

  2. Sasha says:

    He is so photogenic (just like his Mama). Always looking at and smiling for the camera! Cu-ti-PIE!

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