one month


Dear Sweet Sawyer,

You are a month old now. You are such a snuggle bug and you love to cuddle. You are a relaxed baby for the most part. You giggle and smile in your sleep which I believe is a testament to the joy you have brought to our family. Your brother and sister love you. They love to hold you, kiss your sweet head & hang out with you on the floor during tummy time. You & Daddy hang out in the evenings after we’ve put Colin and Kate to bed. You sleep fairly well during the night for a newborn but mommy drowsily stumbles to the living room for those late night feedings.  I’ve discovered that I can’t put you back in the bassinet easily. You prefer to be rocked. I count this precious time as a blessing because I know that the day will come much too soon that you won’t want to be rocked or held for too long because you’ll be too busy exploring the world around you. So for now you and mommy have that special time all to ourselves. It also gives me time to kiss your sweet cheeks. I. Can’t. Get. Enough.


Sawyer you absolutely love bath time. You are so relaxed & content through the entire process. Kate loves to help bathe you. I let her wash your little baby feet and your back. She also loves to rub lotion on your legs. She is so gentle with you.


You’ve had a busy month being born and all. You’ve also had your first modeling gig! You modeled knitted hats and diaper covers for a local woman trying to sell her products online. You received a sock monkey hat as payment!


You are a cutie, little guy!

Mama loves you! xoxo

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