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Enjoying my family of FIVE! There are still moments that I can’t believe I have three kids. However reality slaps me in the face and I’m diving head first into caring, feeding & nurturing three little people. It’s hard. It’s fun. It’s rewarding but I am oh so tired and I have the black circles to prove it.


Celebrating this boy! He’s starting the school year with a bang. He was awarded the September Character trait award for Responsibility. I am so proud of this boy and love seeing him grow and mature. We’re also celebrating two victories for his soccer team. Colin is playing so well this season making goals and really good assists. His team is starting to play like a team: setting up shots and passing. This season is going to be fun to watch. Colin is hoping they win all their games so they can go to the tournament.


Playing with this girl! I’m trying to give Kate extra attention because this transition has been difficult for her. She’s extra needy for attention and hugs. We play lots of games, my little ponies, and color. I’m giving her lots of hugs and kisses. But it’s hard to divide my attention between her and Sawyer during the day. Especially when I feel like I’m constantly feeding and diapering. She’s sensitive and sweet and loves her baby brother. She gets super excited to go to “school” twice a week. I know she wishes she could go everyday Smile


Wishing my Love a happy birthday! He’s been sick, Colin’s been sick and today Kate is sick. Today we were supposed to go out to dinner for Stephen’s birthday that was earlier this week but we’re just having bad luck with sickness. Soon very soon we WILL celebrate.


Relishing snuggle time with my precious baby boy! He 19 days old today. Almost three weeks old. The days are long but the weeks are short. Time is flying by. I love kissing the crook of his neck and sweet cheeks. He loves to snuggle and roots right up under my chin. He sleeps best when he’s lying on me belly to belly. This time is so precious. I’m trying not to wish it away hoping for more sleep because I know sleep will come for me eventually, but there will come a day that he won’t want to be held for long.


Struggling. Let’s be honest. Recovering from having a baby is tough both physically and emotionally. Emotionally I’ve had some rough days. Feeling isolated and alone. Frustrated. Trying to keep my head above water while taking care of laundry and dishes. My short term memory is shot. I forget to get my kids snacks or send things to school for Colin. I’ll walk into a room and then I can’t remember why I’m there. I’ve had to deal with dashed expectations of others and that’s been hard for a people person like myself. Fortunately I have a super understanding husband who brings me my favorite flowers to bring a little sunshine to my day. I know this is only a season. I have some “mama” friends who are going to kidnap me for a dinner out this coming week. I think getting out of the house and having dinner with girlfriends will be soul-nourishing and just what I need to lift me above the funk at least for the evening.

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