2 months

My Sweet Sawyer,

Today you are 2 months old! You attended church for the 2nd time today. We spent half of our time in the nursing room but we had company. Little Cora and Caleb. As a matter of fact we will be having a playdate with your new friends this week! They are coming over to “play” so us mommies can visit!

The last month we have slowly adjusted to a life of five in our home. You have brought so much joy to our family I couldn’t imagine life without you now! You are such a smiley boy. Your first smile was September 28 when I was holding you in my room. We were sitting in the rocking chair and you gave me the biggest grin. Ear to ear. I was lucky enough to capture it on camera!


You love to smile and watch your bear mobile when I put you in your bed. You are starting to coo and “talk” to mommy and daddy. We love listening to you.

Sawyer you are so cuddly. I hope you don’t outgrow snuggling with me anytime soon. You are also such a good baby. Just relaxed and chill. You only get upset when you’re hungry or have a dirty diaper.

You are a growing boy and I can’t wait to take you to your two month appointment and find out how much you’ve grown. You are still in 0-3 month pants but we are putting you in 3 month/3-6 month onsies.

On Sunday November 11, you will be dedicated to the Lord at church. This means that daddy and I will commit to teaching you about God and the Love of Jesus. I’ve started reading The Jesus Storybook Bible to you. I hope you grow to love the Lord and learning about Him by reading the Bible.











Mama loves you sugar boogar! xo

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