This Weekend

This weekend was super busy.

This weekend we enjoyed a “family night” out complete with dinner at Olive Garden and a night of culture at our favorite local bookstore. We enjoyed a concert by The Stringents. The kids loved it. Colin requested Tran-Siberian Orchestra Christmas/Sarajevo 12/24. They happily obliged. Towards the end of the show Kate started dancing. It was so cute and laugh-out-loud funny. The girl has some moves.


This weekend I met Candice. I sent her an email about the aforementioned concert. I thought it might be something her and her husband would enjoy. Well they showed up. I was a little giddy. She was just as warm and sweet IRL as she comes across on her blog. We chatted it up during intermission which wasn’t long enough. However it was probably a good thing because I think I started to ramble. Hopefully I didn’t scare her away. ;-P

This weekend I took all my items to the fairgrounds for the consignment sale. I’m still a little miffed that the woman didn’t take my perfectly good shoes and I’m sure they would have sold the 1st night!

This weekend I downloaded Britt Nicole’s album The Lost Get Found. I’m lovin’ it!

This weekend I took Colin to an Egyptian birthday party. It was one of the most creative parties I’ve been to. Colin said, “that was the most fun party.”


This weekend the kids and I went and watched Stephen play soccer. The other team were animals. Needless to say The Saints lost but my goalie keeper had a lot of good saves.

This weekend Stephen woke me up from our movie snooze fest to go outside and observe the supermoon. It looked about the same to me.

This weekend Stephen & I helped out in Kate’s class at church. Twelve 2-year-olds is a challenge and a blessing all the same. We enjoyed some Chinese for lunch, followed by a two-hour nap.

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  1. Oh my gosh – I loved getting to meet you, girl! You were every bit as sweet and pretty as I thought you’d be. It is so much fun to meet blog friends IRL – one of my favorite things. I was really glad you told us about the show, and so glad we came. Definitely want to do it again. Thanks so much for the super sweet comment.

    Oh, and I totally saw Kate dancing at the end – beyond adorable:)

    I can’t wait to hang out again!

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