Today was Colin’s first pre-season T-ball game.  We froze our booties off in 45 degree weather with biting wind.

Colin was a trooper though and still had fun despite the harsh conditions that we were unprepared for. He was picked from our team to do the coin toss.


Did I mention he also single-handedly named the team as well? I think we’re raising a leader! Maybe that’s what the extra “L” means in his name on his shirt?


I really had to let that one roll off because as a mother you want your child’s name spelled correctly. I don’t understand why people try to add an extra “L” to his name. However I’m not going to complain because we were blessed BIG TIME with the uniforms. The coach’s company provided the shirt, pants, belt, socks and hat! That’s incredible and truly a blessing.

Our little guy did a great job covering 1st base.


He hit some good ones too!


Running HOME!


Sister didn’t last the first five minutes. Meme took her to the car for the remainder of the game to get and stay warm.


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2 Responses to t-ball

  1. Been there, done that! Looks like a “big” Stephen! Love those colors for the bulldogs, Colin! You look like you had a wonderful(cold) time! Kate, you will get used to this! Love the pictures, Amber, I copied some and am sending to PaPa who is in Wyoming , cold too!

  2. Sasha says:

    Looks like a fun time! Poor sister…that face! Adorable!

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