Spring cleaning is…

taking down the curtains in the dining area after six whole years and finally getting them to the dry cleaners.


We had bare windows for the last four days. I started noticing the dirt and gunk. So when I hung the curtains back up today, I dusted and de-webbed the curtain rod, cleaned the windows, and wiped down the light fixture while I was at it!


It feels so much more shiny and light in here (if shiny were a feeling).

Now I must continue my cleaning spree until I can find where I placed that silly camera battery. It’s been missing for quite some time after I took it out of the camera to charge only to not be able to find the charger. The charger has been found but now the battery is lost. Somebody help me because these iPhone pics are not going to cut it!

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One Response to Spring cleaning is…

  1. Tisha says:

    I always plan to spring clean, but I am an extremist and once I get started watch out. I usually wear myself out and never finish all I plan. But since I am renoing at the same time it makes it much easier to dejunk.

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