laundry room | before & {nearly} after

I got a hankering over a year ago to beautify my least favorite room in the house. The laundry room. I tried a green hued paint color* which I immediately grew an aversion to. It mocked me in all my comings & goings. For. Over. A. Year.

*note the before


*during…it’s taunting me





I need to hang something fun & inspirational here…


and here (excuse the lighting)


and I’m thinking of putting up a vinyl decal somewhere…

maybe the front of the washer or on the ceiling and down one wall. I have the morning glory vinyl from uppercase living.

Check out my new rug. I {heart} it!


I found this fabulousness on Pinterest. Someone had pinned laundry room which helped with the inspiration!

not only did Jen tell me where she got her rug, she posted on facebook when the rug went half-off! I have a new favorite blog now!

[raising the roof for iheartorganizing]

iheartorganizing’s incredible laundry room {{swoon}}


(via iheartorganizing)

as for the kitty bowls…I need an unassuming matching set for water and food. I picked these two items up at different times and now I’m ready to move beyond the functionality of it and on to some aesthetic appeal. I also need to clean out the cabinet and make room for the cat food. I really don’t want to house it on top of the dryer although it’s an easy reach for Colin when it’s his turn to feed the cat. And lastly, I plan on “wowing” up the ceiling with a pattern (possibly with stencil) and maybe eventually installing a different light. I have an antique chandelier that I have been saving for YEARS. It might be high time to hook it up. I just don’t know if it will give me enough light for my space or not.

Thanks for looking. Let me know if you have any ideas for my laundry room. Organization, ideas for artwork, etc. I’d like to know what you all think!

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