Kate’s Library!

I would like you to meet Kate’s bookstravaganza!!!! Here is her one and only book shelf in the house. It’s a sad, sorry site.


Here are most of the books from her bedroom that are currently in the hallway because she lost the privilege to have books in her room, especially at night during bedtime.


What I’m not showing you are the books on the coffee table, under the couch and in various and sundry places of our home.

I had a grand idea the other day. In an effort to minimize some of the stuff we don’t even use, I thought it would be genius to clear a space to put all her books in one central place, like a little library, where she can “check out” one maybe two books at a time. I wanted to do this to keep the chaos under control and maybe prevent further destruction of her flap books. The girl loves to rip the flaps out of her books. {sigh}

I would like to introduce to you the lower half of the hall cabinet.


Just the right height for my little one. Now to clean and clear!


It’s hard to tell from the photo above but I actually got rid of quite a bit of STUFF! I had to make some hard decisions and get rid of stuff in other spaces to make room for the things I decided to keep. I ended up taking a trunkload to Goodwill and it felt so good. I’m still working on all the logistics of what goes where so I will have to post an “after” picture later. I also need to find a box to back all the random Christmas décor I found! (sigh)

What is something on your to do list you need to tackle?

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  1. Sasha says:

    Bravo! I felt kinda bad that we didn’t accomplish that while I was there, but I think the cookies, coffee and conversation made for a great evening. Next time, we shall conquer!

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