I felt the need to address the issue of modesty especially in our daughters, and MOST ESPECIALLY in our very young daughters. I recently purchased my daughter some undies from Target. They had ballerinas on them and were pink so I thought they would be a safe bet. They were the brand Just One You made by Carter’s. I thought we were in safe territory because Carter’s is a tried and true brand for baby & children’s clothing. However I was wrong.

I got home with my purchase and quickly dumped them in the wash with the rest of the kids’ clothes so we could have some new clean undies to wear. Once they were dry, I started to fold the clothes only to notice the small size of the undies. I even bought a size up for a little extra room for my princess.



The size difference of these two different brands is obvious and astonishing! At first I thought I grabbed the wrong size. No, they were 4T.



Where’s the rest of the fabric? These undies hardly cover the tush, not to mention the small swatch for the front. These are clearly a bikini cut undie. I felt this highly inappropriate for a 3 year old. Granted nobody is seeing these except for me and the few family members who take Kate to the potty, however, it is the principle of the matter.

I have also had bad luck with some of the Circo brand pants from Target being cut too short in the rise. The sad fact is we need to be an advocate of modesty for our daughters when buying their clothes.  I can’t tell you how many “plumber cracks” I’ve seen in my son’s classes the last two years during circle time. As a mother I feel we need to be aware of how the clothes fit, if the shirt is long enough to cover the jean gap, etc. If I noticed this you can be sure little boys might notice this too.

I think I will get off my soapbox now. I just felt it was important to share with other mothers out there the need to be aware of the small things.

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