a very merry recap

We had a very Merry little Christmas!


I had to have those crackers with the little paper crowns. I thought it’d be a fun tradition…


Not everyone shared my enthusiasm. (i won’t even post the unflattering pic of my hubby in his crown)


The kids both got Build-A-Bears. We surprised Colin with Han Solo.


Kate got Brownie the Bunny.


We thought it was funny that Stephen’s sister got him the same desk calendar that he picked out to give to my uncle. Great minds and all that jazz. Excuse the shaky camera picture.


After opening gifts and enjoying some breakie we headed to my parents house for the rest of the day. We opened gifts, enjoyed a lunch of lasagna, salad and breadsticks with extended family. There was a game of Master Detective Clue in the mix as well as a jam sesh that included a little Heart & Soul duet with my Aunt, favorite Niece and myself :-) accompanied by my Dad and Uncle on the guitar. All in all in was a blessed day.


Because we all need a little silliness…


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One Response to a very merry recap

  1. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas full of family, good food and love!

    Love the family pic too:)

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