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Memorial Marathon

Tomorrow I will be participating in the Memorial Marathon Relay. 5 runners/26.2 miles. I plan on running the 2nd leg which is a 5k. Truth be told I’m feeling a little anxious about it. I’ve never run a relay before … Continue reading

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Run to the Goose

I went running for the first time in over 2 1/2 weeks yesterday. It was such a nice morning to run. High Fifties/Low Sixties. Cloudy. Light Breeze. I was finally feeling back to normal. I ran with some walk breaks … Continue reading

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Kate’s Library!

I would like you to meet Kate’s bookstravaganza!!!! Here is her one and only book shelf in the house. It’s a sad, sorry site. Here are most of the books from her bedroom that are currently in the hallway because … Continue reading

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One of my favorite photos

Easter 2011

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We began our Easter morning with baskets full of goodies. Then we made Resurrection Rolls which were promptly eaten. After chowing down, we got ourselves outfitted for the day and headed to church. We sang one of my favorite songs … Continue reading

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this week

this week has been a rough one. this week I started off with a sore throat. this week I ran/walked 3 miles with a dear friend despite the sore throat. I got sicker. this week I got my consignment sale … Continue reading

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super fun weekend

I had a super, fun weekend! Friday night was girls night out in! I spent the evening with M, T, T, K, and A. We enjoyed an evening filled with chocolate desserts/candy and crafting. Craft Chickie brought the goods to … Continue reading

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{melt my heart} moment

Today while Stephen was off getting CPR certified, I took the kids to Chick-fil-A. As we sat there eating our chicken nuggets, Kate leaned over, laid her head on my shoulder, looked up at me with her hazel eyes and … Continue reading

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No House Work Day

According to today is No House Work Day! Can I get an amen? Or more like a whaaat? Either way I figured getting out of the house was a great way to ignore the house work celebrate this blessed … Continue reading

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…the party continues

Shh…somebody just turned the big 60… I’ll give you a hint… Heh heh heh! I attended the big shindig with Colin. Stephen stayed home with Kate. We discovered the night before that she had strep throat. And can I just … Continue reading

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