sweet summertime

If there is one thing I like about summer it is the flexibility that comes when school lets out. Granted, there are plenty of things to fill up one’s schedule in the summertime but I’m more about doing less so I can have more. More time to do the things I really want to do, like see my besties that live miles away, hug their kids, and have some fun together before the rigors of school life set back in.  And I’ve been doing just that.

April came to town and along with Alicia, we had a fun, fun time swimming together and catching up. The crazy thing is that time flies when we’re having fun but in the end my cup is full.


I think he looks just like his Daddy.


Kate started to get braver in the water. Ah, positive peer pressure!


Then my friend Brooke came to visit from Pennsylvania and we had another fun day of swimming and catching up. The kids had a blast and we swam until the babies started having a meltdown.




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