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Granddaughters for Evelyn

Granddaughters are a special breed And when one calls me Granny, There is a feeling in my heart, Unique and so uncanny.   Eyes sparkle with such mischief, Their hands reach up to me, Then they race across the grass, … Continue reading

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toddler transition

We’re in transition around here. Tonight we changed this… (yes she’s crying…she wakes up every morning wailing for “mama”) To this… say “bed” We have one HAPPY little lady! I don’t know who was more excited Bubba or Sis sis … Continue reading

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Abort! Abort! Mission: Control Abort! {sigh} I had a dear one recently ask me what is it that I’m afraid of? My answer: lack of control. I think the answer may have surprised her or not really. I’m a people-pleasing … Continue reading

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Easy Peasy Beans & Rice

I made a super easy lunch today and I just had to share the recipe with you. I cooked 1 cup (serves 2) of Minute Rice Opened, drained, and rinsed a can of black beans I served up (for myself…Stephen … Continue reading

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touch a truck

A little peek at what we did this morning…

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Lately I’ve been dealing with motivation or a lack thereof. I’ve been reading all kinds of healthy living/eating blogs and I wonder what is it that clicked to make them completely overhaul their eating habits in order to make healthier … Continue reading

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wish list : running

1. New Shoes   2. A running skirt + long sleeve wicking shirt   3. More Sweaty Bands   4. Pants (moisture-wicking) 5. Run Like A Mother by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea   6. Tunes   7. Water … Continue reading

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simple things

I took the kids to a birthday party on Saturday. It was out in the country at the grandparents’ house of the birthday girl. There were ponies and a moon bounce, but in the end the kids just wanted to … Continue reading

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sweaty bands

Dear Fitness Inspired Reader, Do I have a little secret for you! It’s the Sweaty Band. I’ve been reading about these little nifty head bands in magazines and on websites. I finally gave in and bought myself one. I figured … Continue reading

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Dippity do da

I was surfing one of my new favorite blogs, Side of Sneakers,  and she’s hosting a rockin’ giveaway. What are you waiting for? Go check it out, along with her scrumptious recipes for dips. Who doesn’t love a great dip … Continue reading

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