What feeds you?

My friend Megan asked this question on her blog.  What feeds you?  This is quite an introspective question for me.  The “things” that feed me are therapeutic, make me feel alive, make me feel one with God, make me feel small in this vast universe but special all the same. Here’s my top 20 in no particular order:

1. Stargazing

2. Pulling weeds

3. Taking photographs (and dark room developing)

4. Learning

5. Reading something inspiring…I’m really leaning toward memoirs these days


7. Taking a walk outside

8. Digging my toes into the ocean floor and smelling the salty sea air

9. Eating fresh fruit

10. Laughing

11. Singing praises to my Heavenly Father

12. Watching the sunset

13. Swimming

14. Standing on top of a mountain or skyscraper or at the edge of the ocean and taking in the view

15. Holding hands

16. Painting

17. Studying the Bible

18. Creating

19. Lying in the grass and watching the clouds roll by

20. A smile

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  1. I have left you something on my blog!

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