Update on Colin

I’ve been a little busy and distracted lately and I’m way behind on blogging so here’s a quick update on my super star little guy…

We had a fun time having a picnic snack in the backyard (before the cold, rainy weather hit)…followed by kicking the soccer ball around before being attacked by the biggest mosquitos you’ve ever seen.



Colin is really enjoying Pre-K! I love listening to all the new songs he’s learning and hearing about the new friends he’s making.  He ended up missing two days of school recently because of the swine flu. But he came through like a champ. Here is a picture of him holding up his pumpkin he decorated for school. I supplied all the goodies and he went to town!


Every Friday we usually eat lunch with Meme and Grandad. By the time we make it home the kids are sacked out even though most days Colin refuses to take a nap (even though I think he sometimes still needs one). Notice the blue lips? They’re from the ring pop he got from school :-)


Uncle Chase gave Colin one of his old matchbox cars. I used to play with it when I was Colin’s age. He was so excited!


Colin is still loving soccer. Here’s a shot of him before his first practice! Notice he’s posing for me :-)


And here he is at one of his games taking a break on Daddy’s shoulders.


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