The best part of my day

I’ve started making snuggle time with Colin part of our night time routine. I recognize these precious moments for what they are…precious. I don’t want to pass this time by hurriedly or distracted. I’m trying to be fully present in each day, nurturing my children with my time and attention in a way that fills their "cup" up so to speak. For Colin it’s snuggle time. Each evening I snuggle in his bed after prayer time and ask him what the best part of his day was. His answers always vary and sometimes surprise me. Today I would like to share with you the best part of his day. Thankfully I took pictures (and I wasn’t even thinking about it).

Best part #1: Riding in his car seat with a seatbelt. No more 5-point harness.


Best part #2: Tasting the Magic Mint Chocolate Bark we made together


Go here for the Magic Mint Chocolate Bark recipe. SOOOO EASY! I substituted crushed candy canes for the nuts. Colin hammered them for me :-)

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