Ode to the Consignment Sales

Dear JBF Consignment Sale,

I am always eager to make your acquaintance. Each season you are new & different & very much the same. A kind of déjà vu.  This year I stood outside your doors, the lines long, the wind swirling the hair around my face.  Rain droplets spitting here and there, just teasing us. Us. Lines of bargain shoppers. Mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, nieces, friends. We are all looking to score big. Something for nothing.  I brought my two wee ones with me. I must be crazy. I also brought bribes. Just enough to make it through a two hour shopping extravaganza.  Okay, okay…extravaganza it is not but you are a large and in charge type of experience.  So I raked through the clothing racks.  The boys section was a little lacking.  I told myself I should’ve consigned and at the least then I could’ve shopped the pre-sale. Ah, could’ve, should’ve, would’ves won’t help me now.  I scored big in the 9 month girls section. And the girlie shoes too.  I just about shopped ’til I dropped.  Next time I’ll be more prepared. I’ll consign, I’ll volunteer, and I’ll shop the presale. Ah yeah!


Yours truly,

A Serious Shopper:-p

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One Response to Ode to the Consignment Sales

  1. Megan says:

    Girl, you gotta sell even if it’s one thing, the cute boy clothes GO FAST! If I can be of any assistance in the Fall…you just let me know! Heck, I can give you some of my stuff to sell if you don’t have any…the PRESALE is where it’s at for boy stuff, TRUST ME!

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