Easter Blessings


I just wanted to write down a recap of our day for the sake of posterity.  We started the celebration of the Easter season by opening a Resurrection egg 12 days before Easter Sunday. Each day Colin and I would open an egg and learn a little more about Jesus’ death and resurrection. It was exciting for him to learn what was in the egg and I’m amazed at how much information he retained.  He would come to my room in the mornings (being the early riser that he is) and the first thing he would ask is, “Can we open an egg?!?!?!?” Every morning for 12 days.  I really wanted to place the focus on the reason we celebrate and minimize the commercialism of the season. However I didn’t want to take all the fun out.  I mean, they’re only kids once. So the easter bunny visited our house this morning, but I was excited by the fact that the first thing Colin wanted to do was find out what was in that last egg.  In celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, we made resurrection rolls*.  It was a fun and yummy treat.  I may make these again before the next Easter.  We headed to church for the 10:45am service.  Afterward we spent the afternoon at Meme and Grandad’s house for lunch and fellowship.  Granny, Uncle Mike, Uncle Chase, Aunt Hilary, Miss Emma, and Maddy were there as well.  The kids hunted eggs inside the house because it was a wet, rainy day.  As a matter of fact, Colin and I colored eggs yesterday and have yet to hide and hunt.  Maybe we’ll spend a nice day doing that this week!  I was a little sad over the fact that I didn’t get the kids picture in front of the azalea bushes near my parents’ house.  It’s been a tradition but I will just have to wait.  The bushes aren’t in full bloom anyway so it’s probably best to wait for their peak performance!

Here’s a little blast from the past:

I CANNOT believe how much my little guy has grown up in the last year!

One year later…

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