Comfort Drawer

I was perusing Flickr (imagine that) and I came across this photo which led me to this blog.  I’m a sucker for a giveaway and so I thought I’d check it out. She asks the question, “What would you put in your comfort drawer?”


I pondered this and came up with a short list:

dark chocolate

a tea bag

a bath bomb

a beautiful thank you note from a dear friend (she’s a great writer)

the notebook of love notes my hubby wrote to me in college with a picture of us in Paris tucked inside

a picture of me with my two children

a few special cards/letters from family & friends

a blank moleskin and a pen

a mixed CD (probably my coffee house mix, it’s good chill music)

and as I took the picture of where I’m going to create this comfort drawer I made a mental note to add my lavender-fill eye pillow, Mmmm!

So now it’s my turn to ask….What would you put in your comfort drawer?  I decided to hold a drawing….Leave me a comment answering my Q and you will be put in a drawing to win a mini comfort pack filled with a few of my favorite things….Happy Mailed straight to you.  The only rules are that you leave a comment: friends, family and strangers all welcome.  Drawing will be held Friday March 20th!

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2 Responses to Comfort Drawer

  1. Megan says:

    My comfort drawer would hold the following (How big is this drawer?)

    1. My favorite toe nail polish (Ragin’ Cajun, right now)

    2. My journal and a fountain pen

    3. A good Sue Monk Kidd Book not yet read

    4. My Bible (the really old one from high school)

    5. Ethan’s Bubba Bear

    6. Caleb’s Elefante

    7. A picture of Abi (my once noble steed)

    8. A picture from my wedding

    9. Pictures of family and friends

    10. Hand written letters from those I love

    11. The lipstick from my wedding day

    12. A gold wedding band worn by one of my relatives about 6 generations past inscribed Jim and Mary

    13. Some fuzzy socks, argyle preferably

    14. My copy of Robert Frost Poems

    15. Hershey bar(s) with almonds

    16. My Ipod

    17. Nail buffer

    18. A book about travel


    19. Uninterrupted Silence

  2. What a cute idea! As for my drawer, I do not think I would put anything in the drawer, but rather on top of the dresser. My comfort things are something warm to drink, my kitties, my robe, my heating pad(of course that’s in cool weather!)my pillow! but most of all pictures of my family which includes your family, so I could not put them in a drawer. I love you all!

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