6 months old


Dear Kate Sinclaire,

Baby girl, you are 6 months old today.  I’m sad by how fast time is passing us by.  It feels like just yesterday I was dreaming of the baby in my belly.  And now? Well now you have 2 teeth and can almost sit up on your own. Today was the first day of eating avocado.  Mommy made it for you with love.

Every day is a blessing with you, my sweet, lovely little lady.  Colin can steal your attention from just about anything and you love to watch the kitties.  I’ve started signing for you…cat, more, all done, and food.  I look forward to the day when you sign back.  Until then I need to catch up on my reading so that I can add more to my repertoire.

You are starting to like tummy time better.  After rolling over around 4 1/2 months you completely stopped.  I couldn’t get you to role over for anything.  But all of a sudden this past week you started again.  You’re pretty proud of yourself.

Kate, I’ve noticed that you are very perceptive.  You can spot the cat across the room for instance.  Your big brother, Colin, is also very perceptive.  He can pick out a Beatles song that is playing over the speaker system when we’re walking through the grocery store.  Like brother like sister :-)


You really light up our lives.  You are so happy (unless Mommy leaves you alone with someone else and then all you want is me). You giggle and squeal and I especially love kissing your chin and neck and belly button because this really gets you to laughing. You really like to be expressive with your eyebrows.  You are so adorable.


Our evening routine involves just us girls while Daddy plays with Colin.  I give you a bath about every other night.  You are really starting to enjoy the water and you enjoy your reflection.  The baby staring back always has a big smile on her face.  After bathtime I rub lotion on your little chubby legs and arms.  You have a few dry patches that I really hope don’t turn into eczema. I used to give you a baby massage but now you’re too “busy” to lay there long enough for me to rub one foot let alone your entire leg.  After I get you in some soft cuddly jammies we tell everyone goodnight and then we curl up with a book before bedtime.  Mommy really likes Karen Katz books and we have a large collection to choose from each night.  Tonight I read you Princess Baby.  You helped Mommy turn the pages.  I love this cuddle time with you.  You go to sleep rather easily but you are still waking up through the night.  I’m thinking maybe you just miss me :-) Of course I love to peek in on you while you sleep.  You’re so peaceful and open and relaxed.  I could watch you all night.  I love smelling your hair and kissing your little cheeks.  I’m giddy when your tiny little fingers curl around mine and when I pick you up you actually hold on to me. You are loved more than you will know.




p.s. this bug is one of your favorite toys!


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3 Responses to 6 months old

  1. Megan S says:

    You have a cutie patootie there…but you already knew that, you made me want to cry, FRIEND! I do wish I had a little girl sometimes…but I know God did what he did for a purpose…so I’ll just live vicariously through friends such as yourself. ;)

  2. April Lumpkin says:

    I love the look of anticipation on her face. As if she’s expecting her birthday cake but instead gets green stuff! She’s so sweet!

  3. Melodie says:

    cute pictures. sweet post!

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