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Simple Steps

Well I started reading Simple Steps. Its a 10-week course to get healthier, de-stress, and organized. It’s been a rocky start for week 1, but week 2 looks promising. I plan on getting my hubby on board too. We’ve drank … Continue reading

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Back-peddling earlier post

She’s not gone yet. Will be in about 2 weeks give or take. Her home phone has been shut off for quite some time and she’s been using her cell. I called on the right day because her and her … Continue reading

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Lately I feel like a loser. Not in the “you’re a loser with an L on your forhead” sense, but lost. I can’t seem to find things. I’ve lost my library card{and found}, checkbook{and found}, a very special necklace that … Continue reading

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Books and Caffeine

Well, today was one of those days. I was in a funk for a bunch of silly reasons that aren’t worth mentioning but needless to say I was pouty. I hadn’t left the house all day and that can give … Continue reading

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Vacation all I ever wanted…

Vacation, had to get away. Ahh 10 days of vacation. (Actually 7 when you take driving days off and the fact that we left a day early thanks to Hurricane Dennis and a voluntary evac but who’s counting?) I definitely … Continue reading

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